Elect Stan Whetzel to the Court of Appeals


Friends and fellow Kentuckians:


As many of you know by now, after practicing civil litigation and appellate law in Louisville for more than thirty years, I have acted on my desire to serve the citizens of Kentucky as a Judge. Last January, I became a candidate for the office of Judge of the Court of Appeals, Fourth Appellate District, Second Division. Having observed the workings of appellate courts over a long period, I believe it would be a position for which I am particularly suited by personal temperament, practical experience, and legal ability. I hope you will vote for me, and encourage others to do the same.  Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014.


I am seeking election to the Court of Appeals in part because I am a career private lawyer. My career path thus has differed in important ways from those of many on the bench. I would bring to it different and beneficial perspectives, views, and talents. Although I am a candidate for election, I am not a politician. Nor am I a government employee. My legal career has been diverse, not devoted to a single client. As a private lawyer, I have represented individuals, estates, small businesses, large businesses, federally-chartered corporations, and government agencies. I do not have, and cannot bring to the bench, a career government lawyer’s or jurist’s perspective.  I consider myself to be in the tradition of actively-practicing lawyers who had substantial careers as advocates before ever seeking the bench.  It seems there are fewer and fewer of them on the bench these days.


The Court of Appeals is important to all of us. As a former Judge said to me, the purpose of the Court of Appeals is to correct prejudicial errors. Under our state’s constitution, every losing party is entitled to one appeal.  For most, the Court of Appeals is the court of last resort, the last chance to obtain justice. The Court’s 14 Judges decide appeals from the trial courts of Kentucky’s 120 counties.  Its Judges also rule on motions in cases that already are on appeal.  Another important area of the Court’s work is deciding “original actions” filed in the appellate court. In an original action, an appellate court reviews a lower court’s ruling for incurable error or injustice prior to appeal.  In turn, the Court of Appeals’ own rulings are reviewed by the Supreme Court.


The main focus of my practice is litigation and appeals. At the present, I am engaged in business litigation, eminent domain litigation, estate litigation, and federal False Claims Act “qui tam” litigation. But my interest in the Court of Appeals goes back to my early years as a lawyer. My first position as a lawyer was in a small firm with a heavy-duty civil trial practice. I worked for and learned from the late Edward M. Post. In my opinion, Ed always was the best-prepared lawyer in the room. He drafted his own pleadings, took depositions, tried cases, wrote briefs, and argued in the trial and appellate courts, all with equal intensity.  Among other things, I helped Ed write briefs for the Kentucky Court of Appeals, Kentucky Supreme Court, and the U.S. Supreme Court.  It was an invaluable experience for me. When the opportunity arose for me to handle business and banking litigation in the state and federal courts of Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee, including their respective appellate courts, I was ready.


I am now ready to be a Judge of the Kentucky Court of Appeals. If I am elected Judge, I will give my best efforts to the cases that come before me. I mean by this that I will hear cases with an open mind without regard to the parties’ names, ages, races, genders, sexual orientation or social status. I will apply the law as I understand it to fit the case, and endeavor always to give a correct judgment.

I warmly welcome all expressions of support. My campaign mailing address is Stan Whetzel for Court of Appeals, 9300 Shelbyville Road, Suite 1205, Louisville, KY 40222. My campaign e-mail address is My telephone numbers are 502-741-8098 (cell) and 502-736-6200 x6 (office).  


Sincerely yours,